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This is what we do.

You get your Dashing White Sergeant. You get your Gay Gordons, your Circassian Circle, your Strip the Willow, your military two step, your canadian barn dance, and yer Virginia Reel. We've dropped the  Reel of the 51st Highland Division, too many painful memories for some of our older fans.

You'll get all of that, and more, but you'll also get the best rock sound you are ever going to get from a ceilidh band. We'll do sets of tunes between the dances, and, if you ask nicely, you can have a few pop / rock classics thrown in by the best rock musicians you're going to find not just here in Scotland, but ANYWHERE.

As Linz says, you don't have to be called Gordon to like us, and if you're happy, you can do the Gay Gordons, or the Strip the Willow....or something like that...nothing wrong with that these days...it was funny at the time and we all laughed!

We are a modern ceilidh band based in Dundee, Scotland, and we are available for particularly loud traditional gatherings. As promised, here's our names and a few of the other bands we've been associated with.

Helen Forbes - whistle. Foundry Band, Blo na Gael, Fon a Bhord

Kevin Findlay - Fiddle. Boogalusa, Dunragan, Old Rope Band, Dirty Mix

Johnny Parrot - Drums: ex a'body

Lindsay Duncan - Guitars. Broon Troot Orchestra 

Ewan Hayne - Bass. Jump the Q

Lindsay attempts a new take on the Jimi Hendrix theme by playing a dog behind his head...

..and his bedtime reading always involves a bit of private study for his stage act.

A big boy snuck up and painted Kevin's face and arms white...                                                                        

.....and here he is relaxing at home after a glass of sherry

Nelly on her way to the Orkney folk festival. On a boat. Obvously. It's islands.                                                                                                                                                                        She could've flown, but she was adamant about her carbon footprint.                                                               

Come on, Ewan! Get yer bass on!

Following the world tour, most recent gigs were:

the Glentrauma select contemporary ceilidh awards in June, where we won a green globe;

The Auchterdighty Rosemill Award where we were beaten into second place for the Golden Trout by the internationally renowned Pass the Ceilidh, but still acheived a Silver Darling.

Reviews / comments:

"Awesome" - girl at Dundee University gig

"You guys kick ass" - American bloke in the toilets at Inverness

"Can I buy your CD?" - Dutch guy in Inverness who thought we were the Waterboys.

"Why can't you piss off?" - Charlie Dimmock, Dundee Flower Show

"gonny dae the fields of Athenry?" - abody in the Dolphin