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FUTURE GIGS (get these in you diaries, fans)

Haven't sent out the fanzine newsletter for a while. Sorry, fans, you'll get your 50p back if you come up to either me or Linz at a gig ( or when strolling in the public highway) and use the codeword 'Barmatu'.

Next May we're heading off to Oman to bring the sound of the rock ceilidh to the unsuspecting goat herders of the Arabic Peninsula. Only kidding, it's the Oman Caledonian Society! not an unsuspecting goat herder in sight! only exceptionally tanned kilted legs, I'd imagine - will get back to you on that one. I don't know whether bare legs are allowed in Oman. Sex on the beach certainly isn't, not that we're going down that particular sticky chestnut!

Apart from that, we've a bookful of 6th year proms, weddings and corporate events.

Just to quell the rumour, I know some of you have been trying to get tickets for our Central Park, New York gig in the spring. I confirm, WE ARE NOT PLAYNG CENTRAL PARK, NEW YORK IN JUNE. Lindsay had a dentist appointment.

Demo CD is available, but to save me going to the shop for more cd's and spending time burning them off when I could be reading my washing machine manual, hear us on www.myspace.com/madparrotceilidhband